In a world where time is the most precious commodity of them all. You must guide your team of D.A.W.N agents in the epic struggle against the band of rebels led by their charismatic leader Manes

It’s up to you, will world order prevail or slip into the chaos that awaits…Beyond Dawn?

About the game

Beyond DAWN is a retro jRPG style adventure game set in an alternative universe but is centered around questions which are very relevant today such as the distribution of resources and coping with a world under global distress. The game is in part a tribute to the RPG games of the late super nintendo era but with a modern approach to story and character progression over combat segments.

Latest news

  • The story of Beyond DAWN
    Preface What am I reading? This article is mainly intended for people who are interested in game (and/or software) development. The idea is the combine […]
  • Soundtrack released
    We’re proud to announce that our Soundtrack is now available on Spotify. Search for “Beyond Dawn Sountrack” or Follow this link
  • Press release – 14 Sep 2020
    Beyond DAWN : Episode One. Official Public release.  It’s about Time Stockholm, 14 Sep 2020. Mercury Studios release the first chapter of the game Beyond […]

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Beyond DAWN – The Game