Press release – 14 Sep 2020

Beyond DAWN : Episode One. Official Public release. 

It’s about Time

Stockholm, 14 Sep 2020. Mercury Studios release the first chapter of the game Beyond DAWN. A retro jRPG style adventure game set in an alternative universe but is centered around questions which are very relevant today such as the distribution of resources and coping with a world under global distress. The game is in part a tribute to the RPG games of the late super nintendo era but with a modern approach to story and character progression over combat segments.


Imagine a world where instead of fighting over resources or trying to expand their availability – they are simply allocated by a ruling power equally until they one day run out. This is the world of Beyond DAWN. 


To create order from the chaos of the resource wars in the past. The DAWN Corporation emerged seemingly out of nowhere and persuaded the societies of the planet to adopt the “U.A Calendar”. A time system which instead of counting towards the future – counts the days left until the resources of the planet are depleted and the world as we know it will turn into chaos, based on the promise of fair distribution of energy until that day.  

In the year of 636 U.A, Chance, a young cadet in the DAWN Field Reconnaissance Corps and his support team are heading out on their first mission. It will lead them on a journey that explores their world and will make them face the realities behind the world order they have sworn to protect.

Technical information and pricing

The game is currently released on PC and Mac and can be played on most low/medium end systems. In the future more platforms such as Consoles and Mobile operating systems might be added but are not imminent. 

The game is 100% non profit and free to play. And there are no plans to change this for future episodes.

About Mercury Studios

Mercury Studios* was founded in order to produce Beyond DAWN by creators/founders Fredrik Öberg and Marcus Allard. Their backgrounds are in software development and music production respectively. This is their first mutual production but they have individually been behind a number of projects involving games, music and interactive applications in the past. 

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Beyond DAWN – The Game